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Putting knowledge and creativity
in action.

Ecosphere Ventures is a Houston-based Pre-Seed through late-Seed stage venture firm focused on investing in transformative climatetech and sustainability solutions in the U.S.
We support both deeptech and software based innovations, and enjoy working with first-time and under-networked entrepreneurs.

Energy Generation & Storage

  • Renewable generation
  • Batteries
  • New materials
  • Grid resilience
  • New standards and interfaces

Transportation & Mobility

  • EVs & Micro-mobility
  • Clean fuels
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Clean transportation
  • Electric marine propulsion

Building & Construction Tech

  • Built spaces
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Eco-friendly design and construction

Food & Ag Tech

  • Nutrition
  • Food security
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Nature based solutions

Carbon Tech

  • Carbon capture
  • Storage
  • MRV
  • Monetization

Software & Sensors

  • Spatial risk systems
  • Climate forecasting
  • Supply chain systems
  • Autonomy / AI
  • Exchanges and marketplace

Industrial Tech

  • Low carbon manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Heating
  • High efficiency engines
  • Green platform molecules

Sustainability & Circular Economy

  • Human safety
  • Packaging and waste reduction
  • Marine life sustainability
  • Materials management
  • Biobased materials

who we are

Supporting transformative teams

Ecosphere is dedicated to supporting visionary entrepreneurs who are undertaking the courageous and difficult task of building technologies and solutions that are critical for our survival as a species and for rehabilitating the fragile climate and weather micro systems that sustain all life and our economies on planet Earth.

Transformative technologies, supported by an investment of +$100T, need to be built through 2050 to mitigate the 59 Gigaton equivalent of Greenhouse gasses that we generate annually. Ecosphere Ventures supports visionary entrepreneurs developing transformative cleantech and sustainability solutions.

our philosophy

Transparency, Perseverance & Dedication

We believe in radical transparency, and put the founding team’s vision at the center of our engagement with the company. Startups with high future potential generally face strong headwinds in their mission, hence we like to see abnormally high levels of cohesion, perseverance and dedication within the founding team. 

the team

Diverse, Competent, Experienced

Ecosphere’s partners have deep experience in technology commercialization and are passionate about supporting early stage visionary founders, helping them accelerate development and foster relationships with partners, customers, and the next round investors.


Partnering with visionary founders

Ecosphere Ventures is proud to support the following companies and founding teams.

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